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It’s Time for a Change

Generate, transport and store blue hydrogen. 

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Sooner, Cleaner and with Optionality

By producing energy from outside the electricity system, “blue” hydrogen could help conserve scarce land and accelerate the shift towards low-carbon energy without delays related to land requirements.

ESG Score Growth

Blue hydrogen production significantly reduces the carbon emissions associated with conventional hydrogen production methods. By capturing and storing carbondioxide emissions companies can demonstrate a commitment to lowering their carbon footprint. This reduction in greenhouse gas emissions positively impacts the environmental aspect of their ESG score.

Workers at Gas Plant

Market Size & Return on Investment

CAGR of 14.8% and expected market size of 3.43 billion by 2030 should encourage everyone to consider the production and consumption of blue hydrogen.

Capabilities Per Project To Suit Your Need

up to 441 Million

Metric Tons of Blue Hydrogen (H2) per year

3-5 Years

Capital Expenditure Payback on Average

up to 400 Million

Metric Tons of Carbon Emissions Captured

Engineer Inspecting Gas Line

Natural gas is a reliable, abundant energy source, but it is also a source of carbon emissions that contribute to climate change. While natural gas is a relatively clean fuel, it still emits greenhouse gases when burned.

The benefits of producing blue hydrogen are numerous. For starters, it can help oil and gas operators comply with climate change regulations, which are becoming increasingly stringent. Additionally, blue hydrogen production can create new jobs and revenue in the energy sector. Finally, blue hydrogen can be used in a variety of ways, from generating electricity to powering cars and ships.

Overall, investing in blue hydrogen production is a wise decision for oil and gas operators. Not only will it help them comply with climate change regulations, but it will also create new jobs and revenue opportunities. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to invest in the future of energy: start producing blue hydrogen today.

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